The Future Of Learning Rests With Institutes Like The Academy of Art University

The Academy of Art University was born back in 1929, marking a somewhat historical day of a relatively new kind of academy that aimed to help their students achieve their maximum potential. The institute is privately owned and was originally founded by Richard Stephens. Not only that, but he opened the academy for advertising, rather than for art and design. The original campus is located in San Fransisco California.

Today, Academy of Art University plays host to roughly 20 thousand students all over the world in dozens of different countries. The Academy has 25 different areas of study for their students, ranging from art, design, fashion, and even communication. All campuses are highly supportive environments, helping students build their ideas and creativity for the future of their careers.

Starting back in 2005, Academy of Art University has been participating in the New York Fashion Week, allowing many of their students an have a chance at showing off their talents in the shows. Many graduates from the Academy have been showcased in the runways for this highly prestigious bi-annual show. Recently, there was an article published on the Huffington Post that discussed some of the good aspects behind the Academy, including the diversity of student backgrounds and the wide range of creativity that was showed off during the events.

The Academy of Art University has maintained a strong curriculum for their students in all subjects, challenging them and encouraging them to innovate in their chosen fields of study. Elisa Stephens is the current President representing the Academy and has done an excellent job thus far. Currently, the admission policy for the Academy remains light, with a no-barrier policy still in place to provide more students with an opportunity to grow and learn. The Academy is also regularly on the lookout for part-time teachers looking to pass own their own experiences and expertise to students to help them build their skills and perspectives.



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