Matt Badiali Talks Candidly About His Newsletter Real Wealth Strategist:

Matt Badiali is an expert in advising investors regarding the natural resources industry. He currently serves as editor of S&A Resource Report and natural resources expert for finance and investment publishing house Banyan Hill Publishing. Matt has devoted years of his life to helping everyday, average investors make wise investment decision by putting their money into the right natural resource stocks. His credibility in this field stems from his impeccable credentials. Matt holds several science degrees in the field of geology. This scientific background allows him a level of insight regarding the natural resources industry that most people could never attain. He was originally recruited into the investment consulting field by a friend who saw the huge potential that Matt’s educational background could give to the investment industry. Visit to know more.

Banyan Hill Publishing and Real Wealth Strategist:

Banyan Hill Publishing is a company devoted to publications in the field of investment and finance. Matt Badiali has become a mainstay with the firm by lending his deep insight to Banyan Hill’s publications. He publishes a monthly newsletter call Real Wealth Strategist that is based on his extensive travels around the world searching for the newest upcoming investment opportunities in natural resources. Matt has never been satisfied to get reports about the natural resources industry form others. He likes to go to the places where resources are extracted and get a true feel for the operations responsible for attaining the resources. This in-depth knowledge is what gives his customers such huge confidence in his advice.

Matt Talks About Real Wealth Strategist:

Real Wealth Strategist was the topic of a recent interview that Matt Badiali did with Ideamensch. Asked about where the idea for Real Wealth Strategist came from Matt responded, “Writing a newsletter about natural resource investing requires an unusual skill set. Natural resources are highly cyclical and speculative. You need to understand finance, markets, companies and science – it’s simply the only way to invest successfully in this sector.” Matt also spoke on recent trends that have been particularly exciting to him. He truly believes that the world is about to undergo a major change in the consumption of energy. Matt states that “The shift toward an electric-centric world is huge. It’s as important as the shift from whale oil to kerosene.” Among other topics discussed, Matt was also asked to name one key strategy that has helped him to grow his business. His answer is simple – “Give more value than people expect.” Read this article at Seeking Alpha.

Matt Badiali’s Rules for Investing in Freedom Checks:

A major new trend in resource investing that Matt Badiali has been very vocal about is Freedom Checks. Matt explains these as “a dividend that is paid by one of two types of companies, either a Master Limited Partnership or a Royalty Trust.” These checks trade the same way that you would trade a stock and are available from numerous providers. Matt has been busily involved in advising investors as to which companies offer the best Freedom Checks. In this regard, he has four rules that he suggests all investors follow when deciding on a Freedom Check provider. Rule number one is only by from a company that has $1 billion or more in assets. Rule number two is to only deal with a company that always provides its investors with large and regular payments. Thirdly, only deal with companies with long-established records of making a lot of money for their investors. Finally, Matt will himself only recommend a company after seeing irrefutable evidence that the financials the company is claiming are legitimate.


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