How Jeff Yastine is Offering Thought Leadership in Financial Strategy and Investment

Jeff has been working at the Banyan Hill Publishing for three years. He took up a job as an editorial director and has been offering thought leadership in magazines such as the total wealth insider, the sovereign investor daily and the winning investor. He has been using his position as a business leader to help investors understand current business trends, and see the profit-making opportunities open to them. Read more about Jeff Yastine at Talk Markets.

Jeff has a strong background as a financial journalist. He started out his career in 1994 and was the financial correspondent for the PBS Business report. Through his career as a financial reporter, Jeff Yastine started identifying the gaps which existed in the investment industry and started offering his skill and expertise in helping companies which were suffering to make a financial turnaround. He is also a stock market investor with years of experience in the business and has spent years talking to some of the most successful entrepreneurs. He even contributed to the NBR guide to the process of buying bonds.

Jeff studied Journalism at the University of Florida. He started out his career in North Carolina, and when he joined PBS, his financial insights made the show so popular that it had more than a million views every night. He helped potential investors by pointing them towards companies which had the potential to become huge market winners. These included PetMed Express, Royal Caribbean, and SBA Communications. He has also held interviews with some of the wealthiest men on the planet including Warren Buffet, Michael Dell, and Richard Branson.


Currently, he shares the decades of experience that he has gathered in investment with the ordinary Americans. He states that he feels deeply honored to use the Total Wealth Insider to help people understand how financial investment works and to make sound investment decisions. His most significant dream is to help the ordinary American grow their wealth by investing in stable and safe companies which offer a lot of value to investors.

Jeff has personal experience with poor investment decisions. He recaps how he bought his first stock, Wal-Mart. Even though he did not make a loss from the resale of the same, he wasn’t able to make as much as he imagined he would have. He made a little profit margin because he sold too soon. Therefore, his lack of patience cost him long-term gains. It made him realize that there was a lot that many investors didn’t know and thus, offered to be disseminating this information. Visit Kennedy Accounts to know more.

Superior Breast Implants and Cosmetic Treatments Offered by Dr. Mark Mofid

While breast augmentations are fairly popular, all too often you see botched jobs talked about on the news or social media. Fortunately, there is a doctor who is working hard to eliminate the possible negative repercussions of breast augmentation. Dr. Mark Mofid is based in San Diego, California. He has the best education a doctor could receive. He trained at Harvard and John Hopkins, both of which are known for their unbeatable medical programs. Dr. Mark Mofid is not only an expert in his field, he leads in safe practices and integrity.

While many doctors will pretty much give a patient any size breast they ask for, Dr. Mark Mofid is more concerned with the safety and future lifestyle of his patient than the money he might receive. He strictly adheres to best practices in order to get the best results. Dr. Mofid is an expert in how our bodies muscles, skin and fat systems work. He has spent over 8 years using this knowledge to improve the breast augmentation surgery.

One major area Dr. Mark Mofid has concentrated on is the breast implant itself. Traditional breast implants do not work well with the human body. They are generic, do not work with a person’s muscle structure and will end up looking bad in the future. Dr. Mark Mofid has been determined to change this. He has had many iterations of his original idea to get to this point, but he has managed to create a breast implant that is much superior to traditional implants. His implant design not only looks better than the older style of implants, it has improved ratios, a lower profile and it also works with peoples intramuscular positioning.

Although Dr. Mofid is known for his innovative breast implants, his office offers many more services. He offers vein treatments and hair removal utilizing a Cutera laser, and also offers chemical peels, dermabrasion and more. Dr. Mark Mofid is a doctor who truly seeks to help his patients and one who seeks innovations in his practice.

Richard Dwayne Blair Wants You to Know the Three Pillars of Investing

It’s not every day that an investment advisor gives solid investing away for free. They often want you to become their client or provide personal information. Richard Dwyane Blair is not just any investment advisor. He has more than 23 years of experience in the investment field.

In addition, he’s been obsessed with helping his clients plan, invest and make the maximum amount of money for retirement. He’s developed a three-step plan called three pillars of investment planning. This plan allows Richard Dwayne Blair to look at his client’s financial situation and needs, then come up with a holistic plan. Here are the three pillars you need to know:

Pillar 1

The first pillar is about current financial needs. This is where he will identify his clients risk tolerance, investment/retirement goals and opportunities for financial growth. He will also look at the strengths of your current finances. This allows him to gain an understanding of how your investment planning should go. He’s also looking for a deeper understanding of his clients:

  1. Client’s clear financial expectation
  2. Client’s financial goals
  3. Client’s financial concerns

Pillar 2

The second pillar is devoted to developing an investment strategy that yields long-term and maximized results. This strategy is always based on the clients’ needs. Thus, one client’s investment strategy will never resemble another client’s investment strategy. Richard Dewayne Blair always reallocates assets to maximize results. He always does the opposite to minimize any loss the client may have in a downward market.

Pillar 3

The third pillar takes a look at a client’s insurance needs. One way not to drain investments in an emergency is by having insurance. Insurance is a nice financial backup plan whether it is annuities, long-term care insurance or life insurance. Richard Dwyane Blair assess a client’s insurance needs and comes up with the best type of insurance to obtain.


The Future Of Learning Rests With Institutes Like The Academy of Art University

The Academy of Art University was born back in 1929, marking a somewhat historical day of a relatively new kind of academy that aimed to help their students achieve their maximum potential. The institute is privately owned and was originally founded by Richard Stephens. Not only that, but he opened the academy for advertising, rather than for art and design. The original campus is located in San Fransisco California.

Today, Academy of Art University plays host to roughly 20 thousand students all over the world in dozens of different countries. The Academy has 25 different areas of study for their students, ranging from art, design, fashion, and even communication. All campuses are highly supportive environments, helping students build their ideas and creativity for the future of their careers.

Starting back in 2005, Academy of Art University has been participating in the New York Fashion Week, allowing many of their students an have a chance at showing off their talents in the shows. Many graduates from the Academy have been showcased in the runways for this highly prestigious bi-annual show. Recently, there was an article published on the Huffington Post that discussed some of the good aspects behind the Academy, including the diversity of student backgrounds and the wide range of creativity that was showed off during the events.

The Academy of Art University has maintained a strong curriculum for their students in all subjects, challenging them and encouraging them to innovate in their chosen fields of study. Elisa Stephens is the current President representing the Academy and has done an excellent job thus far. Currently, the admission policy for the Academy remains light, with a no-barrier policy still in place to provide more students with an opportunity to grow and learn. The Academy is also regularly on the lookout for part-time teachers looking to pass own their own experiences and expertise to students to help them build their skills and perspectives.



A Natural Fit: Johanan Rand, Health, and Wellness

Dr. Johanan Rand has been helping people live better lives for quite a few years now. He has been able to come up with regiments for men and women to help them fight anti-aging properties and how to keep a metabolism high so that a person can lose weight> He has made it his mission to help people in a natural way lad better lives. Here are some of the things that Dr. Johanan Rand can do for patients.

First of all Dr. Johanan Rand is the president of the Healthy Aging Medical Centers since 2010 and his main office is located in New Jersey. One of the main treatments that he offers for patients is anti-aging remedies that help people look younger. The type of regiment that is required is dependant on the individual being treated at that particular time. This is not a one size fits all approach. The main course for the individual and Dr. Johanan Rand to decide. He has come up with a treatment that can help restore the balance between good and bad hormones. An example of a bad hormone is one that stores fat. An example of a good hormone can be either testosterone for men and estrogen for women. This is the main focus of Dr. Johanan Rand’s practice.

A second big service that Dr. Johanan Rand offers is called IV Nutrient Therapy. What happens, in this case, is that a patients blood work is analyzed and a proper routine of diet and exercise is implemented so that the patient can be at the peak of health and wellness no matter what. Offering services like these to patients gives Dr. Johanan Rand a feeling that he is making a difference one person at a time.

These are just a few of the procedures that Dr. Johanan Rand and his team offer patients to help them live life to the fullest. He is always pressing forward for more cures to common problems that come with aging. He is a man who makes sure to follow up. It is a natural fit for him.


Great Efforts of Malcolm CasSelle in Transforming Blockchain Technology

When it comes to Bitcoin merchandise, OPSkins has its own respect for being the best in the World. In addition to bitcoin, it also happens to be one of the leading companies in selling in-game virtual assets. Previously, one of the major problems that were facing OPSkins is lack of a decentralized technology that could enhance their virtual asset market. In their effort to decentralizing their market, they came up with Worldwide Asset eXchange (WAX) which is a brandy blockchain platform which enables buyers and sellers trade efficiently and effectively various virtual assets.

Macolm Casselle

WAX is targeting a crowd of over 400 million in its operations. The two main problems that have been affecting virtual assets that will be eliminated by WAX are Fraud and Fragmentation through the introduction of Tokens which eliminate FOREX problems. The Blockchain technology that WAX uses is powered by a consensus model called Delegated Proof of Stakes (DPOS) which is the most flexible, efficient, and fastest and the most decentralized model available. WAX tokens are basically smart contracts for buying, selling, trading and renting virtual assets. They can also be said to be stored value for getting your gaming items. WAX is headed by Malcolm CasSelle who is its president.

Before Malcolm Wesley CasSelle joining WAX he served in New Ventures as the President and also as the Chief Technology Officer. He has also been the CEO of Timeline Labs, also as the Senior Vice President and General Manager at The Digital Media Business Unit. He has also served at Mediapass and Xfire as the CEO. Mr. Malcolm has served as the Chief Operating Officer and consequently as the Chief Technology Officer of NetNoir which he was a co-founder. He has also served at PCCW as the Senior Vice President.

Mr. CasSelle is a renowned entrepreneur who has served in various technological and digital industries. He has launched Groupon operations in China where he served in the Executive team and responsible for marketing, sales, and general operations. He is a very active investor in Facebook and bitcoin verticals. Malcolm studied at Massachusetts Institute of Technology where he received B.S in Computer Science and later joined Stanford University where he got an M.S in Computer Science.


Luiz Carlos Trabuco Takes Steps To Retire

Luiz Carlos Trabuco is a prominent banking professional who has had a successful career. He recently announced his intentions to focus on other aspects of his life.

Trabuco is leaving Bradesco, which is one of the largest companies in Brazil. However, he wants to make the transition as smooth as possible. Finding a new CEO is one of the most critical tasks that a company can accomplish. A CEO has the power to take a company to a new level.

During his time as CEO, Luiz Carlos Trabuco made various changes to Bradesco. He took over when Bradesco was struggling to survive. Profits at the bank were falling, and the technology used at Bradesco was among the worst in the industry.


Banking Profits

The most common way for a bank to make a profit is through lending. When the economy is growing, people are more willing to borrow money for various reasons. Luiz Carlos Trabuco wanted to offer more lending products and services to increase sales. He came up with new ideas to make Bradesco one of the most innovative companies in the industry.

In just a few years, profits at the bank increased dramatically. Luiz Carlos Trabuco was excited about the progress that he made. However, he knew that he had to continue working hard to reach high levels of success.

Next Steps for Bradesco

Bradesco is one of the most successful companies in Brazil. Many people want to work at the bank to receive quality benefits and wages. Luiz Carlos Trabuco is proud of his work at Bradesco. Although he is leaving the company, he still wants to stay involved with Bradesco being the chairman of the board.

Young business leaders should study the life and career of Luiz Carlos Trabuco. He did a great job leading Bradesco out of a dangerous financial position. He also donated a lot of time and money to his community.

Check more about Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi:

Enhanced Athlete is Winning in the Courts and the Workouts

In the case, Nutrition Distribution vs Enhanced Athlete (E.D. Cal., Case N. 2:17-cv-2069-JAM-CKD), the judge ruled in favor of the defendant. The plaintiff, Nutrition Distribution had claims of false advertisement by Enhanced Athlete where the District Court judge denounced the injunction. Nutrition Distribution failed to provide proper evidence where they stated there had been a loss in revenue between the marketing and decrease in Nutrition Distribution sales.


Nutrition Distribution had accused Enhanced Athlete of contributing to a decrease in its bodybuilding and fitness supplements sales, by putting forth false ads about its supplements. The preliminary injunction against Enhanced Athlete was squashed as the plaintiff’s evidence alluded to no causal connection between Enhanced Athlete’s products and marketing, and their drop in sales, terming it’s a mere speculative connection.


Scott Cavell, the CEO of Enhanced Athlete, noted that Nutrition Distribution had been a serial plaintiff threatening them and other supplement firms with nuisance value settlements, which he called shakedown lawsuits. He put it categorically Enhanced Athlete will not fall for such coercing schemes and practices from Nutrition Distribution.


Enhanced Athlete is a bodybuilding and fitness company that carries out extensive research on its products that have no side effects. Based in Cheyenne, Wyoming, the company seeks to assists athletes in their training practices by developing supplements to help in their health and workouts. As a workout supplements research-firm, Enhanced Athlete creates their products for their users to test them rather than make profits from them like other marketing corporations. Aiming to be a solution provider, Enhanced Athlete is motivated to seek solutions and remedies to problems athletes encounter in training. They roll out their researched efforts in supplements in a progressive way mainly for active athletes.


Enhanced Athlete’s supplements have switched people’s approach to workout and training, impacting not only physical development but also overall body stamina and endurance. Most workouts of their supplements target cardiovascular and circulatory systems using natural herbal extracts to enhance these systems efficiency.


Enhanced Athlete has two other subsidiaries, Enhanced Gear and Enhanced Coaching. Enhanced Coaching mission is to provide essential services and easy to find Enhanced Coaching coaches for the ordinary person who otherwise would not access them. They partner the industry’s best coaches in an economical way depending on the program chosen, to put you in shape and attain the desired look of each customer. Enhanced Gear provides merchandise such as hoodies, joggers, tank tops, and stringers to Enhanced Athletes.

Success In Business Inspired By Alexandre Gama

Success is a compilation of very many attributes. You have to create your own unique to be termed as successful. An astute entrepreneur goes past the expectations of the society and their thinking to achieve greatness. A successful investor is also a person who doesn’t settle but keep fighting to achieve more until they secure their spot. Alexandre Gama has all these characteristics of a great entrepreneur.

Alexandre Gama is among the most successful business persons in Brazil. He operates in the communication and advertisement world. Gama understands all the rules of the game because he has been in the sector since 1982.

After completing his studies at Armando Alvares Penteado Foundation (FAAP). Standard Ogilvy & Mather, hired him in 1982. He worked as a creative and a copywriter. This was just a beginning of his blossoming career. Today, Alexandre Gama is the owner of the most advertisement agency in Brazil: Neogama.

Through On-Demand Canvassing and Hands Off Distributed Canvassing, NGP VAN is set to disrupt how political organizing works.

A key driver for volunteers to participate in a political campaign they believe in, is the expectation of making an impact as a change agent. On that note, canvassing volunteers at NGP VAN expect to actively participate in as many face to face conversation as possible, with the minimum amount of physical movement to and from the campaign office and administrative time of checking voters lists in and out. This rings even more true for the millennial stereotype.

On the flip side of the coin, field organizers’ main added value comes from finding and training volunteers, whereas scheduling, cutting turfs and consolidating data are merely necessary administrative tasks that end up not adding value to the campaign itself.

Enter MiniVAN: Developed by NGP Van, the leading technology provider to Democratic and progressive campaigns and organizations, MiniVAN aims to leverage on technology to automatically generate lists and cutting turfs based on the canvasser’s location. The field organizer feeds into the tool the universe, script and doors per person, and then the app distributes the lists accordingly.


This kind of solution drastically changes the political landscape: for volunteers, once trained they can access their list and turf with the closest doors to their location without the need to go to the office, generating an on-demand experience for the volunteer. There is no need to physically check lists in and out, enabling the lists to be available as long as possible, and volunteers to squeeze in the maximum value from their time.


Through NGP VAN know-how from working on fundraising, organizing, and social networking platform, positive feedback has also poured in from field organizers spending less time manually distributing canvasses, as well as a wide range of creative applications of the tool based on each campaign’s resources, physical structure and size amongst others.

In it’s current beta stage, MiniVAN has already demonstrated very positive results and comments. With the feedback still pouring in, the expectation is for the tool to continue to improve the political organizing works, enabling campaigns to focus on the most value adding activities.

Connect with NGP VAN on