Financial Advisor David Giertz Says Understanding Social Security Is Fundamental

Finance expert, David Giertz, explained recently in an interview with the Wall Street Journal’s wealth columnist, Veronica Dagher, the importance of explaining and speaking with each financial client about Social Security. Social Security is the nation’s monetary fallback plan. It is what some older people rely and live on when they’ve past a certain age. It is also utilized by people who have had unexpected medical illnesses come about in their lives and suddenly need assistance.

The general idea of it is, at some point, everyone will use Social Security in some way. This is where being familiar and well acquainted with the financial advisors in one’s life comes in handy. And it is why David Giertz explains to fellow advisors the importance of being both knowledgeable about Social Security and then passing that knowledge onto the client.

David Giertz is an accomplished financial advisor with decades of experience under his belt. His alma mater is University of Miami, a progressive college in Coral Gables, Florida. After graduating from college, Giertz landed a job at a financial firm called Citigroup where he advanced from Finance Advisor to Area Sales Manager. During his time at Citigroup, Giertz received many awards and built a rapport with both colleagues and client consumers. After working as an Area Sales Manager, Giertz was later promoted to Vice President of Sales, a position which he excelled in.

With Giertz doing so well at Citigroup, it was not long before he began networking with other business men to make new lasting connections which helped his career in finance. It was at this point in Giertz’s career, that he landed a job at Nationwide Insurance company, in which he specialized in management of both the sales and financial division. Through his hard work, and knowledge, he moved up at Nationwide to become the company’s President of the Finance and Sales division. In this position, Giertz took the company’s revenue from $11 Billion to over $17 Billion. He used sharp investment strategies, long term finance plans, and advanced logistics to galvanize Nationwide’s company to far exceed that of it’s competitors.

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