Securus Technologies Developing Technology to Restrict the Use of Cell Phones in Prison

There is no doubt that prisons are a dangerous place, and for many years many people have experienced it first-hand. But with the advancement in technology, the threat has moved from just inside the prison to the outside world. Using cellular technology, prisoners can make life difficult for insiders and outsiders easily. Mobile phones that are used by millions of Americans are a severe threat to the lives of many people including the prison guards and their families. In the last decade, the problem has increased immensely, but the government has not taken any notice of it until just a couple of years back.


For many prisoners, the cell phone is a weapon that they can use to take advantage of other prisoners and also the prison guards. They can also organize crimes outside the walls of the prisons while still being locked up. Many prison riots have been held, filmed and also uploaded on social media to spread fear among people. In southern California, a prison warder was shot six times by assassin who was hired by a prisoner that he worked in. Robert Johnson was getting ready to leave for work when an assassin entered the house and shot him. He spent months in hospital but survived to tell the tale.


Even though cell phones have many uses and it helps people around the world connect to each other. Today, cell phones have many additional features such as cameras, internet access and more that allow people to express their feelings in a better way. But, the problem arises when criminals use them to carry out violent acts against other people while still confined in prisons. Smuggling of cell phones into the prison has risen dramatically and has reached dangerous levels. It is the reason why it is essential for prison departments to secure their facilities to avoid the use of cell phones. Previously, they used jamming devices, but it was deemed unlawful and lead to deadly consequences since guards could not call for help in case of riots.


Securus Technologies, one of the top prison communication service providers, has come up with a new technology that can help make prisons more secured for everyone. The technology known as wireless containment system helps create a local network that needs to be used to make calls. It allows prisons to block all unauthorized calls from inside the prison and also from outside. It is not like jamming phones as it does not prevent all calls but only the unofficial and unrecognized phones to be blocked. The system is already in place in many prisons across the United States and is being tested for its efficiency. So far, the results have been exceptional, and the company aims to install them at more prisons in the coming months.

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