Fabletics the Market Drivers in Clothing

Personal branding is nothing new. It dates back to the 30s of the last century. Modern day branding and marketing changed with the start of the digital era. Before that happened, companies relied on the word of mouth or advertising in local newspapers. Later it travelled to the radio, and the introduction of television changed things once more. However, the biggest game changer was the internet. Nowadays people more often read reviews online and rely on those than the previous means of gaining information about new products and services they want to incorporate into their daily routine.


Modern Customer Driven Marketing


Companies with positive feedback on different review sites see higher and faster growth than others. One of these brands is Fabletics. The company was born in 2013 and saw a rise of more than 200 percent driving the revenue to 235 million dollars. Their paying member base grew to a million and is still growing. To their parent company TechSyle Fashion Groups it is clear that a lot of this success comes from customer reviews. Fabletics are scoring high with new and regular customers. In return, the positive reviews attract new customers. It is precisely the kind of circle Fabletics brand needs to keep the numbers up.


This crowd driver was the idea penned by actress Kate Hudson. She worked together with Demi Lovato to create an attractive marketing campaign for the brand. Their clothes look great, but the underlying message is more important. The company wants to inspire women and make them feel more empowered, boost their self-esteem and self-confidence. Both Lovato and Hudson want to show women that the shape and size are not the most important things. It’s allowing women to feel in control about the way they dress and not feel the need to tick certain boxes or fit a certain standard.


Do What You Believe is Right


Kate Hudson herself is an actress. She doesn’t hold a fancy business degree and yet she has what many start-up businessmen and women don’t have. Passion for what the actress believes in. She worked side by side with her team since the company was just a sketch on a drawing board. She put in the effort to sit in budget and marketing meetings, help create a social media and marketing strategies. She reviews all the sales at the end of each week to see which product is doing well and which needs to be scrapped to create something better.


Fabletics homepage is about activity and comfort at the same time as well. There is a short life quiz people can take to find out the best clothing for their level of activity. This interaction with the customer continues throughout the process of making a one-off purchase or subscribing to the service.


Hudson insists on clear communication with the clients. It is one of the reasons people stay loyal to the brand. It offers excellent customer service, clothing that suits different lifestyles and doesn’t make customers break the bank either.


Partnering up with the parent company also helped the growth, getting Fabletics off the ground and helping them with technical advice and practical information.

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