How Omar Yunes Spearheads Sushi Itto’s Prospects into the Future of Food Industry

Sushi Itto is the global leader in offering food services to its clientele. As a leading franchise across the globe, it has various subsidiaries in major cities across the globe such as Veracruz, Puebla, Buenos Aires and other branches. Of the many subsidiaries under Sushi Itto label is the franchise based in Mexico City. The franchise had claimed global attention when it claimed the award for the World Best Franchise in 2015. The award was premised on the franchise’s contribution to global marketing, innovation, and overall brand growth. From this benchmark, did Mexico City scoop the award through its active involvement in adopting sophisticated information management techniques that have eased the mode of service delivery to the clientele.

Omar Yunes’ Active Role at Mexico City Franchise

It becomes impossible speaking about the success of Mexico City’s franchise without mentioning Omar Yunes. As a manager, he has set a global benchmark in an acute implementation of strategic information plan for the company hence the betterment of the outfit’s management techniques.Additionally, he also takes credit for steering the company to the greatest heights in optimal service delivery. The results have placed the company on a platform where the Mexico City’s Franchise was recognized for an active role in sustaining the company’s reputation.

His Experience in Business and understanding of marketing

As a native of Mexico, Omar Yunes has accumulated a vast experience in the Mexican business landscape and has mastered the art of marketing of brands. His dedication to offering professional service delivery to his clients in the flooded food industry has enabled his clients to remain loyal to his franchise. Having experienced an upsurge in the number clients visiting the Mexico City Franchise, he has established various employment opportunities from within the company’s units. As an investor, Yunes has mastered the art of implementing a reliable operational strategy where the personnel is actively involved in decision-making processes in the franchise. His astute leadership skills have witnessed the creation of an effective board that supervises the overall implementation of the various business and marketing strategies that the company adopts.

Jason Hope, a man of many trades

Jason Hope is a renowned entrepreneur and investor who studies the future based on the current trends. He is also a known to be a philanthropist who has a great passion for technology. Mr. Hope has a finance degree from the Arizona State University. He is also an MBA graduate from the W.P. Carey School of Business. Jason gives back to his community through mentorship programs and grants for entrepreneurs. He has a keen interest in investing in startups. Additionally, he is very interested in politics related to business.

Technology: Jason Hope is part of the group that is leading Internet of Things, also known as the Internet of Everything or the IoT. IoT involves devices connecting to the internet to gather, transfer and store data. Once an object is connected to the internet, it is considered part of the IoT. The IoT is already transforming the way some companies run their business. This has also improved consumer products through upgrades. Moreover, it is advancing scientific and medical effects around the world.

Philanthropist: Jason Hope has put in an effort to promote good courses. A good example is his generous donation of half a million dollars to SENS Foundation. This donation was to boost the biotechnological efforts of the foundation to come up with widespread access to solutions of diseases associated with aging.

Futurist: Using his study and prediction for the future, Jason predicts that IoT will be an important aspect in the future of the modern society. He advises modern companies and business owners to embrace the internet for best capitalization strategies.

Investor: Jason Hope came up with a grant program that assists young entrepreneurs and students get their idea off the ground. He takes in ideas through his website and hand picks the ones he thinks are most interesting. He then gives a grant to the owners of the ideas to implement them.

About Jason Hope:

The Exceptional Career Path Of Duda Melzer

Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer is fondly referred to as Duda Melzer Mary. He is a well-known businessman in the economy of Brazil and comes from the fabled Sirotsky family tree. There was never any doubt that he would grow to fit his father’s shoes with perfection and once he became the President for the RBS Group any possible doubt was removed. Maurício Sirotsky Sobrinho founded RBS in 1957 and the company is classified as Brazilian media. They serve the Brazilian economy and work constantly to make certain the country receives current news and entertainment via television and radio. The advancements seen in technology have been incorporated by the media company to provide the best possible service. For more details visit Odiario.

Duda Melzer uses his educational skill and vast experience to ensure the company continues to grow. He received his Business Administration degree from the Pontifical Catholic University of Rio Grande do Sul and also schooled at the United States Business School of Harvard where he earned his MBA. He additionally studied for two executive courses. When Duda Melzer was only 26 he began concentrating on building his career. His very first job led him to the Delphi Corporation where he worked as a Senior Financial Analyst in 2002. Check out Valor to know more.

Duda Melzer began serving his family’s business in 2004 and became their director of National Marketing. In 2008 he was promoted to the acting Vice President and took care of the business and marketing department for the company. Two years later he was the Vice President with full responsibilities. In addition to his responsibilities with his family’s company Duda Melzer also owns e.Bricks Digital and specializes in digital transactions. He is an experienced businessman with expert skills in leadership and business. He will ensure the reputation of his family business remains excellent well into the future.

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