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Shopping at Walmart means that you value convenience, low prices, and options. Buying Beneful means that you value quality ingredients for your beloved animal, at a low price. The team at Beneful works hard to ensure that the ingredients that they put into their food are of the highest quality from farm to table. Walmart has a variety of Beneful flavors, sizes and health management options. By buying Beneful at Walmart, you can find your pet’s favorite food, or even try a new flavor anytime you see fit.

The Impact of Larkin and Lacey Frontera Fund’s Work

Larkin and Lacey Frontera Fund is a renowned foundation that is committed to offering financial aid to immigrant and civil right activists who are based in Arizona. The organization was created about one decade ago by Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey. The two individuals are journalists and are greatly acknowledged for the efforts that they make in protecting the rights of immigrants. They own well-recognized magazines, which are Phoenix News Times and Village Voice Media.

They strived to uphold their Fifth Amendment rights during their journalism career and due to the oppression that the faced from the Maricopa County Sherriff, Joe Arpaio. In October 2007, the duo revealed the dirty secrets of a grand jury that protected Arpaio.

The jury was holding proceedings to stop journalists from publishing incriminating articles about the sheriff. The story made Michael and Jim be arrested for allegedly interfering with the work of the jury.

The jury did not want people to read negative stories about the sheriff, and it subpoenaed the New Times magazine to give it the names of residents who frequently visited its website to read the negative stories. Arpaio abused his power and profiled immigrants at various highway checkpoints.

The sheriff department violated the Fifth Amendment rights of Michael and Jim, and therefore, they filled a lawsuit against the county governments. The two journalists pursued the case to the U.S Court of Appeals, and they were offered a settlement of $3.75 million.

Larkin and Lacey have committed themselves to advocating for immigrant rights, and they invested the money in the formation the fund. They currently co-manage their charity organization, and they have benefited a couple of individuals and groups that support immigrant right.

The American Civil Liberties Union is a revered organization that is devoted to advocating for the rights of immigrants. In the last six decades, it has alway been striving to eliminate laws that aim at oppressing immigrants.

It has currently established divisions across the country. ACLU’s Arizona-based office has made significant accomplishments. It filed and won a petition in 1960 to legalize multi-racial marriages in the state. It was on the frontline in ensuring the Ernesto Miranda was released from prison.

Miranda’s case attracted national attention since he had been sent to jail for rape based on information that he provided to the authorities during an interrogation. Since the exoneration of Ernesto, the police are required to inform everyone in their custody about their rights. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey: and

The campaigns and petitions that ACLU has filed have significantly transformed the lives of immigrants in Arizona and the rest of the country. It helped in barring local police from enforcing immigration laws by winning a case that stopped the use of the “Papers Please” SB 1070 legislation.

The organization has many lawsuits pending in court. It is striving to prevent immigrants from being deported due to lack of the right work and travel documents. UCLU is also against the executive order of Governor Jan Brewer to stop issuing driving licenses to immigrants in the state.


The Passion Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin Have on Human Rights

Although all people need to be treated fairly, this doesn’t happen always. Some people are unfairly treated and represented when it comes to basic civil rights, healthcare, jobs, and education. The problem comes when there is no one to voice out the problem for changes to come. Luckily, Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey have come out strongly to defend the unfairly treated group in the United States. They have purposed in their hearts that they would always be on the side of those frowned upon or overlooked simply because the society doesn’t see them fitting.

The two people founded Frontera Fund. Jim and Michael are journalists by profession who discovered certain details on jury proceedings about Joe Arpaio in 2007. They courageously confronted the county and sued for its unfair deals. Although there were on a risky mission, they made up their mind to fight for the preservation of the First Amendment rights. The court appeal that was raised saw them awarded a settlement worth $3.75 million. The two use the funds to empower other organizations that deal with the education of civil rights and migrants.

The Frontera Fund is known to be one of the most effective organizations when it comes to safeguarding the interests that belong to the minority groups in the U.S. Some people will always develop prejudices towards the minority groups no matter the progress in the country. That’s why people like Jim and Michael have come up to fight for the human rights that belong to the minority groups.

Michael and Jim met at the University of Arizona State and they decided to team up and make their journalistic talents more solid. To ensure their needs were properly served, Jim and Michael came up with a new newspaper called Front Page Confidential. The newspaper usually reveals the politicians who try to violate the rights contained in the constitution and those trying to oppress other citizens.

José Henrique Borghi Successful Career in Advertising

José Henrique Borghi is the arguably the best advertising strategist in Brazil. Currently, he is the CCO and co-CEO of Mullen Lowe Brasil, previously known as Borghi Lowe. He is the face behind most of Brazil’s famous adverts that came with significant effects. Adverts such as Mammals of Parmalat where kids wore costumes to make them look like animals and “It is the love” by Sazon, are all creations of this great genius. Both of these adverts have endured the test of time and are fondly recalled up to this day.

Jose, however, claims that his career in advertising started with uncertainty. Up until junior high school, he had not made up his mind on what to become. He was taken to attend a show at the Castro Neves Theater by his sister. She intended to help him choose the path he would like to follow in life. He later found out that the performances in the theater were commercial adverts that had received the Cannes awards. His eyes were opened at that time, and he decided that his career would be in advertising. Nevertheless, he never dreamt that even for once he would receive one of those awards.

Borghi Jose was born in Brazil at Presidente Prudente. He studied Advertising and Propaganda at the PUC. His first formal employment was at the Standart Ogilvy in the year 1989. He soon shone and surpassed the then famous advetiising Agency FCB as well as others like DDB and Talent. This was when together with Erh Ray, he started a firm called BorghiErh.

He says that starting up was tough since they faced a myriad of challenges like lack of investors. The company was acquired by Lowe and renamed Borghi Lowe. More recently, it has merged with Lowe & Partners and the Mullen group and has been renamed again to Mullen Lowe. The Brazilian advertising agency is now among the top in Brazil.

About José Henrique Borghi:

Fabletics Is Taking Over The Industry For Activewear

In a world where fashion is an ever growing industry, it’s about time a company like Fabletics has paved its way into this industry. The company is going to make such a growth and successful change in the world of fashion by giving women that space to find all the great activewear that they have ever wanted in such a great and easy space online and in person. With their future stores about to be in place, there is no doubt that women are going to love and enjoy the easiness of being a paying member for this brand.


Fabletics is an online membership site that has women paying a monthly subscription, and it focuses on primarily giving women what they want. It’s almost like having your own personal online assistant who can go through all the best designers and give you the clothes that you are looking for, whether it’s a top quality set of Yoga pants or new tops for the gym. There’s so much that you can choose from, and members actually go through simple quizzes when they join to help the site recommend what you want to have.


Kate Hudson is the main face for the brand, and she is so proud to be able to stand in as the head of the company. She works in conjunction with the owner of the company, but she definitely is known for being the head face of it because of how often she represents the brand. With already millions of users, Kate is still very hands on with the company coming in for meetings every single month and always being on top of things to ensure that the company is doing what it needs to do. Kate is such a beautiful woman who truly understands and sees the meaning behind her work. She spends plenty of time working on advertising and marketing for the company utilizing her celebrity status in a way that is effective and powerful.


Fabletics wants to help YOU get the clothes you want and save money doing so. They are always here to open up new suggestions and recommendations, but it all starts with the FREE quiz. Joining the company means they want to see what kind of activities you are into and what you are looking for. This simple quiz can help them define what they can best recommend to you and help you find everything.

Larkin And Lacey Share Their Stories on How They Got Started on Their Foundation

For people who know Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin, they know that they have put together a foundation where they stand up for human rights. They have gained a lot of inspiration for this activity. For one thing, they have experienced some kind of issue when they have revealed some of the procedures in the grand jury.

To make things worse, given that they are the founders of The Phoenix New Times and Village Voice Media, the Sheriff wanted the identities of people who have read any of the stories released about the Sheriff. Of course, this didn’t sit well with Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin. They ended up suing the county.

Larkin and Lacey have both realized that the violations of rights are very blatant and prevalent. They are willing to take the time to fight human rights violations.

Among the things they hope to do is help other groups as they fight for the rights of migrants among other people. One thing that is certain is that humanity has a history of human rights violations. People need to fight for the rights of not just themselves but for the rights of others. If no one stands up to the issue, then it will likely continue and get worse.

Among the things that Larkin and Lacey do is reveal a lot of the issues that humanity is faced with through news reports. One of the most important steps to take when it comes to fighting for rights is to be aware of the issues that stand against human rights. When people are aware of them, then it is more likely they will be able to solve the issue. There are so many human rights violations taking place in the world without knowledge to the rest of the world. Learn more about Michael Lacey:

One of the best things about the Larkin and Lacey Foundation is that they support tons of groups that are very aggressive in their fight against the violators of human rights. One of the most important things they can do is make sure that people are aware of the resources they can turn to when they are faced with violations to their civil rights. Read more: Jim Larkin | Twitter

One of the best things they do is take a look at the issue and examine the case in order to see if whatever incident that has happened to them can qualify as a violation of human rights. Then appropriate action is taken.

Adam Goldenberg Says All-Inclusivity Is Important For TechStyle

Adam Goldenberg along with his co-CEO Don Ressler has built a company that started out as a cheap fashion ecommerce business, but has now emerged as a multifaceted brand that includes women’s athletic wear, shoes and now all-inclusive sizes. That company is TechStyle Fashion Group, formerly known as JustFab which had its name changed because of a change in using big data for customers on Goldenberg said he felt he needed to make TechStyle all-inclusive because he felt their apparel could look great on women of all sizes. So far TechStyle has made a lot of headlines thanks to Kate Hudson and now Demi Lovato becoming spokespeople for its brands.

Adam Goldenberg started in business marketing when he was only 15. He founded Gamer’s Alliance out of his own home and began making news in the IT marketing world. It was Intermix Media, the founders of MySpace who bought Goldenberg’s company and asked him to join their Los Angeles-based workforce. Goldenberg did just that and in two short years was Chief Operating Officer, the youngest ever on a publicly-traded company. Goldenberg’s most memorable times at MySpace’s company were meeting Don Ressler and teaming up with him to start household cosmetic brands.

Read more: LA Entrepreneurs Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg Are Reinventing How We Think About Technology and Fashion

Goldenberg and Ressler had plans to make MySpace a highly profitable but enjoyable place through sales at Alena Media on Alena Media had done well, but when News Corp bought out MySpace they decided to discontinue Goldenberg and Ressler’s business. Upset at their new owners, Goldenberg and Ressler left and started Intelligent Beauty. It was under this company that they decided to venture into the fashion industry, and in 2010 they brought their fashion retail company into reality at JustFab.

JustFab was successful because it gained the support of fashion models all across the US including Kimora Lee Simmons who was company president for a few years. But it also gained the support of venture capital investors who loved the way JustFab ran its business, and in a few short years they had poured $285 million into it. Goldenberg and Ressler were able to grow their company’s operations quickly because of this and by 2016 their company had become cash flow independent and had opened physical stores all around the nation at JustFab also started making changes to allow customers to opt into their VIP program and use rewards points for discounts on their next shopping venture, a subscription model that’s helped Goldenberg and Ressler cut down on production costs.