The Accomplishments of Dr. Clay Seigall at Seattle Genetics

Clay Seigall is a renowned science expert in the pharmaceutical sector. He is the founder of a leading biotechnology firm that is known as Seattle Genetics. The company has been operational since 1998, and Seigall acts as the chairman of its board. He has been a great leader of the business and has assisted it in making significant accomplishments. The company has developed various cancer therapies that have gained the approval of the FDA.


Dr. Siegall has strived to ensure that the firm obtains sufficient funds to conduct its research undertakings. He has led it in raising over $670 million through private and public funding efforts. Before the establishment of Seattle Genetics, Clay was an employee of Bristol-Myers Squib Pharmaceutical Research Institute as from 1991 to 1997. He also worked for a government-owned body that is called the National Cancer Institute. Siegall was appointed to serve on the boards of organizations such as the Biomedical Association and Washington Biotechnology. He sits on the board of Alder BioPharmaceuticals, which is privately held biotechnology enterprise.


Clay has conducted a lot of research about cancer and has written more than 70 publications. He also has about 15 patents for various products that he has established. Siegall completed his undergraduate studies in Zoology from the University of Maryland and was awarded a Ph.D. at the George Washington University. Seattle Genetics has been successful in the development of antibody-based therapies that are used in curing cancer. It has created effective antibody-drug conjugates (ADCs), and the technology has been utilized in the formation of more than 21 drugs. The company has commercialized its medicines in the USA and other parts of the globe.


Seattle Genetics has collaborated with corporations such as Takeda Pharmaceutical Company to sell drugs in different regions of the world. It has also joined efforts with Genentech in developing SGN-40. The partnership of the two firms is valued at about $860 million. The world currently needs advanced cancer treatments that cause less harm to the human body. ADCs have been working efficiently, and various companies use the technology in developing drugs.


Adam Milstein: A Businessman On A Mission To Help Others

Adam Milstein is a man or many talents. He is known for his extensive work as a philanthropist and real estate investor. He sat down for a recent interview to get to know him a little better and what he thought was important to succeed at business.


Adam Milstein earned his Master of Business from the University of Southern California. He started his career in commercial real estate in 1983 in Southern California.

He is the managing partner at Hager Pacific Properties. It is a private commercial real estate investment firm. He started Hager after finding out after graduation that he would make less money than a undergraduate student and decided to strike out on his own. It definitely paid off.


Adam believes that persistence, consistency, and follow-up are vital parts to what make him more successful as an entrepreneur. He says readers should follow-up with every contact because that can be another business lead. If you don’t try, you’ll never find out whether it would of worked out or not. He very useful tool he uses is called Constant Contact. It helps manage thousands of contacts, a necessary tool for the real estate business. David Hager, his business partner, is a good influence in Adam’s life. He is smart and a visionary. He uses psychology and is one step ahead of the game. With all this success Adam Milstein enjoys time with his family and puts them first.


Adam Milstein was born in Haifa, Israel to a homemaker and real estate developer. His mother is from Mexico and father from Argentina. Both fled to Israel when they were teenagers.


Adam Milstein is a managing partner of Hager Pacific Properties, is a philanthropist, and Israeli real estate investor. He is co-founder of the Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation. They provide a range of charitable service to strengthen the US/Israel relationship, the state of Israel, and the Jewish people. He is a man of integrity and sustenance. He helps bring people together with his leadership skills and desire to help those in need.


The Wedding Adventures with Wengie



Wengie is a Youtube beauty blogger. She makes videos documenting her everyday life. She has a vlog called “Getting Married-Life of Wengie #15.” It first starts off showing her cat. Wengie is on her way to a wedding. She shows her outfit which is a nude skirt with a white/nude blouse. Her fiance is driving. He has on a suit. His only suit. She then shows off her fiance’s outfit. The wedding starts. The people that are in the wedding ceremony is not speaking English. After the ceremony, Wengie and her fiance leaves to go have lunch at a cafe. Wengie orders coffee and her fiance orders cappuccino. Wengie receives a plate of garlic mushrooms with an egg. She expresses the fact that she doesn’t care for the egg but can’t substitute it for anything else. Therefore, she has to still pay for it. Her and her fiance shares the meal together. She puts a lot of pepper on her meal. She loves pepper! They talk and laugh, enjoying each other’s company.


Wengie practices a Ariana Grande makeup tutorial. She is heading to a wedding for the night. She has on a black or navy blue form fitting dress. Her and her fiance had vegetarian entrees at the wedding. They enjoy some dancing and a good time. Other people start line dancing. They return home and are relaxing with the cat. Wengie is working on her laptop, editing photos. Wengie’s makeup is still holding up nonetheless. Wengie and her fiance joke around comparing their arms. Wengie talks about her dress more in depth, with a full body shot. She purchased it from H&M for $10 dollars. She loves her makeup and ends her vlog with a big thank you to Ariana!

Mike Baur; The Banker Turned Technology Investor

Mike Baur is a technology startup investor and a former banker. Baur attended the University of Bern where he graduated with a Bachelor of applied sciences degree in Banking and Finance. Mike holds a Master’s of Business Administration from the University of Bern. Baur worked at UBS Fribourg in its wealth management unit for several years. He was appointed the director of Key Client Group Switzerland in 2002 and worked there until 2008.


Mike moved to Clariden Leu Bank in 2008 to head the business area of its private banking unit. He became the head of private banking in Switzerland for Clariden Leu three years later. Mike moved to Sallfort Privatbank AG to take up the same position in 2012. He is noted for shifting his career when he was at the peak. Mike decided to leave the finance industry even though he was an executive board member at the bank. He founded Think Reloaded AG. This is a think tank that is based in Zurich.


Baur was named the vice president of Innovation Lab Fribourg in 2015. He still holds the position today. The innovation lab supports students in universities to come up with new solutions and technologies. Baur was one of the judges at START Summiteer. This is a startup contest that was held at the University of St Gallen. Mike is the co-founder of Swiss Startup Factory that he started with Olivier Walzer and Max Meister. Baur is the managing partner of the accelerator that incubates startups for three months. They provide a co-working space, accounting services, funding, and general consultancy. The incubated companies also get access to the huge network.


Mike has been instrumental in establishing partnerships with other enterprises including Fintech Fusion and Goldback Group in 2016. Baur was profiled by the Wall Street Journal in 2016 for his achievements and his role in the Swiss startup scene. Baur was appointed the deputy managing director of CTI Invest after the Swiss Startup Factory and the company partnered last year. The company is a financing platform that invests in early-stage and late-stage startups in Switzerland.


They also organize events for high-tech startups where investors and founders can network and connect. Mike is the founder of the Swiss Startup Association. It advocates for a better legal and financial environment in the country. Baur is considered one of the pioneers of the uprising of the startup ecosystem in Switzerland.

How Highland Capital Management Placed in Nasdaq

Recently, Highland Capital Management was asked to ring the closing bell for the stock market on Times Square, but more importantly, it was to relist a Senior Loan ETF. Visiting the MarketSite on Times Square is exciting, but for this particular listing of the Highland iBoxx Senior Loan ETF is the firm’s retail arm. The ringer of the bell was Co-Founder of the firm Mark Okada. While Okada is the one to ring the bell, the importance of the recent listing is what matters most to the firm. Bell ceremonies are always listed on the Twitter page for those who wish to go back and review or share the video.


Highland Capital Fund Advisors is a part of Highland Capital Management. This means that a registered investment adviser and any affiliates of other companies related to HCM, are now housing more than $18 billion dollars in assets. The company, founded by James Dondero and co-founder Mark Okada, is still considered one of the top investment advisers in the country. As alternative credit managers, HCM focuses on credit strategies and how they can best meet the needs of their clients. There are numerous types of accounts that HCM specializes in, including those with distressed credit, public pension plans, endowments, foundations, and more.


Generally, government funds and other accounts are being managed for high net-worth individuals. This is one of the many reasons why HCM is still performing at a high level and increasing profitability. The ability to perform in the marketplace enhances the performance that the company can experience with Nasdaq. The electronic stock market makes it possible for HCM to continue to expand in multiple marketplaces around the world, serving more people and helping individuals enlarge their ability to invest and expand.

New Cold/Heat Therapy Treatment Machine

The utilization of warmth and chilly treatment in the administration of agony from damage and different medicinal conditions has been utilized for a huge number of years. It is very much reported that the Chinese had utilized warmth for the alleviation of torment because of joint inflammation. The Romans wide utilization of shower houses for wet warmth has been known for quite a long time.

Warmth treatment connected to the body is a type of treatment that is intended to expand neighborhood course, enhance recuperating time, and loosen up joints, muscles and delicate tissue.

In this day and age, different gadgets are accessible to accomplish this outcome. Standard warming cushions, patches, whirlpool showers and ultrasound treatment are only a couple of modalities that are used to give uniform and constant warmth.

Chilly treatment applies to the body is additionally a type of treatment that is used to diminish swelling and irritation after damage or surgery. Chilly treatment additionally helps in the decrease of agony.

In this day and age, different items are utilized to make managed cool treatment to an influenced region. Chilly packs and wraps using ice and water have been utilized for a long time. The majority of these items are brief and risk frostbite to a harmed territory because of absence of controlled temperature.

Persistent chilly treatment machines that use ice and water for long-standing cool treatment are both awkward and prohibitive as you should be connected to these gadgets for practical chilly.

Dhama Innovations is a world pioneer in temperature-based wearable gadgets. Their protected innovation, ClimaCon is the main wearable innovation that enables a patient to unequivocally control temperature inside a wide working reach at the bit of a catch. ClimaCon has been formed into a cutting edge item portfolio that meets different applications in medicinal services, customer way of life and sports divisions.

The warmth trade system of ClimaCon is intended to be exceedingly lightweight and convenient. This empowers the innovation to be consistently consolidated into flexible items applications like orthopedics. The innovation is sans commotion and vitality productive.

Consolidating this innovation into orthopedic propping gives an amazing advantage to competitors and the overall population, by offering help and treatment to a harmed region with no versatility confinements.

It’s most noteworthy advantage will be in the treatment of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. The Climaware Wrist Wrap takes out the requirement for ice packs or warming cushions. This progressive gadgets immediately cools or warms in only a couple of moments. No chaotic ice machines or trickling ice packs, the ergonomic wrist support can be utilized for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, wrist sprains, wrist joint inflammation and other wrist and hand conditions.

The knee and back wraps use a similar innovation to give help to ligament knees and backs with the pinch of a catch. No compelling reason to lounge around to get your treatment. It’s versatile, sheltered, simple to utilize and powerful.

Dhama Innovations additionally gives warm just treatment props under the PRONTO brand of items.

So in the event that you use warm treatment or cool treatment all the time for treatment of joint inflammation, sprains, strains, abuse and that’s just the beginning, investigate this new and energizing innovation which will reform the manner in which restoration treatment is given.

Eric Pulier’s Desire To Help Children

How did you spent your childhood? Playing outside? Riding your bike? Hanging out with your pals? While I’m sure Eric Pulier also did those things, he also spent his time creating a company and understanding the parts of a computer. His childhood was spent molding his future and his career aspirations.


Following his childhood, Eric Pulier went on to attend Harvard University. It was there that he not only wrote but was the editor for The Harvard Crimson. After mastering his classes there he graduated with a degree in English and American Literature. As he worked for his degree at Harvard he took classes at a nearby school, MIT. His education was filled with accomplishments and held promise.


Following his educational victories, Eric Pulier went on to create quite a few companies. Perhaps the most astounding creation was that of Starbright World. Starbright World took the world’s fascination with social media and catered it to a group of people that did not have a strong social media presence or outlet. Starbright World is a place where children who are chronically ill can blog and converse with other children who have chronic illnesses. This being said, was just the beginning of Eric Pulier’s work with children who are chronically ill. Get More Info.


The Painted Turtle is a camp, but it is not like other camps. This camp is for children who are chronically ill. At The Painted Turtle children are giving the opportunity to have fun while being surrounded by kids who understand them and adults who can meet their specific needs. This camp is something that chronically ill children can experience and feel normal. Providing this opportunity for children is something that Eric Pulier is passionate about.


Eric Pulier spent his childhood in a way most children properly do not. He took the knowledge and accomplishments he gained during his childhood to built a career that was used to spread happiness to children going through things that are unimaginable. Eric Pulier’s passion and dedication to create ways for chronically ill children to express themselves is something that is truly inspiring and moving.

Five Advanced Resume Writing Tips

Importance of having a well written, professional searching resume: companies don’t interview each applicant for the task because they do not have time to interview every and each candidate who’ve implemented for the task. They eliminate candidates based totally on resume. Your resume is your very first influence on the possible agency. though to procure competencies and expertise to your area of interest if you write resume carelessly you’re in all likelihood out of consideration. Your resume needs to be nicely written and attention grabbing which stand out above the other applicants. Resume tells the corporation about your instructional and expert situations. Your resume is a key to getting interview and getting your dream job.


Resume hints for writing an effective resume:


Writing an effective resume is a complicated technique due to the fact your resume gets reviewed with the aid of resume scanning software program as well as hiring managers. In cutting-edge hard opposition in which employers get hold of large amount of programs for only a few vacancies your resume need to be specific and 32012fd371b2d8bbf6e5e631dc96cdaf. i have discussed some superior resume writing hints for generating an powerful resume that get attention of the possible organisation and get you dream task.


  1. choose a resume template:


A resume template is a great way to get started. There are resume templates to be had at no cost over the internet in significant amount. find out several resume templates created through professionals that relate in your career, identify and sort of your paintings. A resume template makes resume writing assignment a good deal less difficult if utilized in proper manner. Use those resume templates as concept mills. Get an concept of how you should write your resume. What sections you should write in which order and how to write them. as an example you can get an concept of the way your resume objective must be by using studying numerous goal statements in resume templates. remember that you are just using these templates as idea generators to craft out your specific resume because you’re a completely unique. even as deciding on resume templates look for the resumes that strongly relevant for your instructional background, region of information, your competencies, qualifications, your professional reviews and sort of your paintings. There are a few essential codecs of resumes- Chronological, aggregate and functional and focused (maximum desired format nowadays) every layout is used particularly situation. studies approximately these codecs. examine which layout is used whilst and which layout pleasant suites you. Create your fundamental resume which you may edit on every occasion you want. whenever you write a resume concentrated on precise job.


  1. accumulate your facts:


After analyzing numerous resume samples and templates determine what and the way you need to put in writing your resume. while you are writing a resume your closing aim is to write down a resume that guarantee you interview calls noticeably a dream task. primarily based in this gather your educational, professional and private information. you’re selling yourself for your resume so find out your most marketable skills. Your most marketable abilities are capabilities those you do well and experience doing. The skills that are reader is calling in potential applicants resume are your most marketable talents. You just need to understand what corporation need to see on your resume. To recognize this carefully read the activity commercials. research about the corporation, the sort of work/projects corporation work on. acquire your key capabilities on the sheet of paper and highlight most applicable, specific capabilities while writing a targeted resume. Make effective use of action phrases.


  1. Writing achievements section:


To show you have got the abilties you listed on resume relate your achievements to your skills. Play with the phrases. show prospective company how you accomplished positive matters based in your critical competencies. display the employer how your competencies are useful to the organization.


Write an amazing goal/summary announcement:


normally goal statements comes on the top of resume. Reader is possibly to read your goal statement first. Take enough time to put in writing your goal declaration. Do not write what you need in a process. you can tell the enterprise what you expect from a job in interview. as opposed to it cleverly inform the company what you can do for him. avoid writing statements together with wherein i can improve my capabilities. make use of my capabilities etc. Such statements makes business enterprise think what sort of work suites you as opposed to what you could do.


four. Writing revel in segment:


Write your most latest studies first followed by means of your subsequent maximum recent reports. This order is referred to as opposite chronological order. avoid writing short and beside the point studies. only listing less applicable reports if it is the case of filling employment gap. Make it well formatted and without problems readable. list your every revel in in numbered or bulleted format.


Writing schooling section:


five. Writing training segment:


You should write your most relevant academic achievements in training section. you can additionally list the honors and awards you earned. if you finished any expert, career oriented direction/s you need to also list them in schooling and training phase.

Understanding Bruce Bent II’s Money Market Funds

Money market funds (MMF) are otherwise known as money market mutual funds. Bruce Bent II and Henry Brown established the first MMF in 1971. Brokerages, mutual fund firms and banks offer MMFs. Those who sell stocks often place their funds in a mutual market fund. These accounts, however, are ideal for people who want to save cash for short-term goals and well as emergency funds. It’s important to understand that MMFs aren’t FDIC insured. Therefore, they’re associated with a little bit of risk. Nonetheless, compared to basic bank accounts, they offer better interest rates.

According to Wikipedia, the risk associated with money market funds is minimal because these accounts are highly regulated. The proceeds in the fund are invested in short-term debts securities. The primary goal of an MMF is to keep the share price at a dollar. Even though we can’t be certain that the share price will stay at $1, investors don’t lose money on these mutual funds.

There are two kinds of MMFs: tax-free and taxable. The main different between the two money market funds is the ROI. Taxable funds have a higher return on investment. Before picking an MMF, be sure to calculate the yield of each fund to determine the one with the best returns.

When you sign up for money market mutual funds, you’ll have to pay the expense ratio. This money is used to pay for the services of the individual managing your investment. It’s important to find an MMF with a low expense ratio. Avoid mutual funds that charge above the average rate.

About Bruce Bent II

Bruce R. Bent II is a smart and innovate entrepreneur and a leader in the financial industry. His father was quite popular for creating the first ever money market mutual fund. Bruce Bent II is the president and vice chairman of a financial technology firm called Double Rock Corporations. Bruce is also a senior executive at Landing Rock Group LLC, Intrasweep LLC and other affiliates of Double Rock.

Mr. Bent’s excellent entrepreneurial skills have helped him come up with some of the best products in the financial service industry. He has spent many years developing cash management solutions for several clients. Bruce Bent II is part of the Young Presidents’ Organization.

For more information on Bruce Bent II follow him on Twitter.

How Todd Lubar Became a Massive Success in Real Estate

Todd Lubar, President of TDL Global Ventures, LLC, has built quite a success story during the course of his career, beginning in the mid-90. Taken with all aspects of the real estate industry, Todd was putting all of his time and energy into learning that entire he could about real estate and what it had to offer. Choosing to make real estate and finance his career, Todd began to seek out ways to expand his network and ultimately his business within the marketplace of finance. As a loan originator with Crestar Mortgage, Todd began to learn more about the conservative side of mortgage banking and what helping families build a future looked like.

Todd realized that in order to build his business and a large referral network of CPA’s, insurance agents and other professionals, he would have enough professionals to keep everyone covered with business and growth. During the late 90’s Todd began to seek out other opportunities as well, one with Legacy Financial Group where he would learn the broker side of the mortgage industry. Although the differences were significant, Todd learned all that he could in an attempt to advance into the Real Estate side as an investor. This is when Todd started the company Legendary Properties, LLC.

In an article on Hackronym, Todd’s involvement in the banking industry would lead to numerous opportunities including opening up another financial institution which ended up being the largest privately held mortgage company in the United States. Watching the market carefully gave Todd the ability to take note of clients that were underserved, as well as try his hand in the commercial lending arena. Working as a lending source, Todd had the ability to expand his business for the greater good for both businesses as well as for individuals.

When the industry changed in late 2007 and early 2008, Todd Lubar saw the need to branch out into other industries. His love for entrepreneurship took him into the automotive scrap business as well as to commercial demolition, making deals with some of the biggest contractors in the country.

As a father of 2 children, Todd is always looking for ways to spend time with his family when not working. More details can be found on LinkedIn.