Healthy Hair, Here I Come!

As a hair salon employee one girl took it upon herself to test out the wonderful claims made by WEN hair, Chaz Dean’s hair care product line. This is a brief recount of her seven-day experiment.

  • Day 1: Long, rough day and ready for a hot shower and to kick off her Wen experiment. The recommended portion of Wen was significantly larger than her normal shampoo, but she went with the recommendation and massaged the cleansing and conditioning product into her scalp and immediately felt her hair thicken.
  • Day 2: She woke up late to disappointing greasy hair. With no time to shower, she couldn’t wait to get back home. That evening another round with Wen and styling her hair before bed produced another excellent result.
  • Days 3 and 4: Very much like day two’s disturbing results, she mixed her normal use products with Wen and was still pleased with the result, yet her fine hair still fell flat before the end of the day. Not giving up, she continued with Wen use and still loved the resulting look and feel of her hair.
  • Day 5: Our brave tester was feeling more and more confident about her beautiful hair from beginning to end!
  • Day 6: Accepting that fact that morning showers and hair styling would be more effective for her, she started her day with Wen and received several flattering comments that night. Confidence is a beautiful, glowing trait.
  • Day 7: Aside from pretty curls that didn’t last as long as she wanted, her hair was looking like a healthier specimen of hair excellence.

The experiment was declared a success! Thanks Chaz for sharing your healthy hair expertise!

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