A brief overview of Peter Briger’s philanthropic causes

Fortress Investment group’s principal and co-chairman, Peter Briger is a man known for his compelling career. Aside from Briger’s professional life, he is also famed for supporting causes that help improve the lives of those who hail from disadvantaged backgrounds. For instance, he is heavily involved in the charity activities of Silicon Valley council, a non-profit group that spearheads the alleviation of poverty across the world by supporting children who come from poor backgrounds.

Helping entrepreneurs the Princeton way

This is not the only charity organization that Peter has a hand in, as there are many others. These include his former academic institution, Princeton, where he helped co-found the alumni entrepreneurship fund two decades ago. This fund has helped facilitate the dreams of many upcoming entrepreneurs by supporting them financially so they can set up their businesses. Through its six-member panel which Briger is also part of, the fund also goes the extra mile in ensuring that the young entrepreneurs have what it takes to run a business by initiating mentorship and training programs.

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Peter Briger also recently joined The Center for a New American Society, a bipartisan non-profit organization which focuses on the development of realistic and robust security and defense policies. His addition to the organization’s board of advisors was received quite warmly as he is always a priceless asset, wherever he goes. During the announcement of his addition, Michele Flournoy, CEO of CNAS was particularly excited as Peter is not only knowledgeable but is also dedicated and engaged.

In addition to the highlighted ones, Peter Briger is also a board member of Tipping point, a non-governmental and non-profit organization which aims at improving the living standards of residents of San Francisco. Other additional charity causes that he supports include hospital for special surgery, Central Park Conservancy and Global fund for children among many others.

Besides life improvement charity causes, Peter Briger understands the impact of education on any community which is why he serves as a board member to a charter of schools known as Caliber. He also supports extracurricular activities and is on the Investment committee for US soccer as the chairman.

Despite having all these charity causes on his hands, Peter Briger still manages to carry out his duties as head of Fortress’s credit fund and real estate departments exceptionally well, and ever since he took over, he has done nothing but speed up the growth of the company.

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MB2Dental: Dentistry With Innovation

Having a dentist that looks out for other dentists may be something no one has ever heard of. However, there is a dentist out there that does just that. Not only is Dr. Chris Villanueva helping other dentists with efficiently running their practices, he believes in all of them taking time out to breath. Getting away to reflect on how to better run an office is needed sometimes. It will give each doctor a new and fresh outlook on how to handle certain tasks. With Dr. Villanueva, you learn how to accomplish those tasks using minimal time to keep your focus where it should be.

Dr. Villanueva scheduled a trip to Cancun, Mexico so that he and fellow dentists could get away from it all for few days. On this trip, they not only had fun but also decided to share their issues about how they run their office. They were looking for advice and help from Dr. Villanueva about how to handle the administrative along with what matters most, which is seeing the patients. Of course, the doctor gave them what they needed to help with that. He has over 100 affiliates as a result of his methods. Dr. Villanueva believes that traditional dentistry should get a makeover with some innovative approaches. Every day at the office should be as interesting and adventurous as the day before it. With a good office staff who can handle every aspect of the administrative and accounting work, the doctors can focus on what matters most. Patients and doctors should have a relationship that is not marred by lots of paperwork.

Dr. Villanueva believes that dentists should be united and determined to make their practices as comfortable and innovative to please their clients. In other words, the focus shifts from the administrative to the doctors themselves. Then it shifts from the doctors to the patients. Your office staff should be well trained in every aspect of the administrative duties as well as the financial part. It is known that Dr. Villanueva practices what he preaches. He has a dentist office himself aside from helping all of the other dentists that seek him out. He transformed his own office from traditional mundane dentistry to something different that people could appreciate. The results are phenomenal. He shares with other practices because each of them deserves to have something different. Change is really good this way.

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Dr. Chris Steven Villanueva Brings Revolution to the Dental Health Industry

Dr. Chris Steven Villanueva is one of the medical practitioners who has been very determined to transform the sector of the dental medicine. As the founder of MB2 Dental, Steven has done everything that has been within his reach to ensure that the operations of the dental industry have been smooth and that they have improved to the level that all the patients would feel comfortable receiving the services from the practitioners in the sector. Having long working experience in the medical industry as a dentist, Dr. Chris Steven Villanueva has gained skills and knowledge to make him understand the importance of performing his role in a professional manner. This ensures that the patients are safe and the quality of treatment that they get is top-notch.

What distinguishes Dr. Chris Steven Villanueva from other dentists is his experience in both dentistry sides, the corporate dentistry and the sole-practitioner. This experience was what guided him to open the MB2 Dental, a firm that he uses to provide patients with exclusive services and treatment of the chronic dental problems that they may be having. In his operations as a medical practitioner, and especially a dentist at the MB2 Dental, Chris Steven ensures that all his activities are guided by integrity and hence focusing on all the aspects that make the services patient-oriented.

As the CEO of MB2 Dental, Dr. Chris Steven Villanueva understands that the medical work requires freedom and independence of the practitioners so that they can have room to evaluate the best ways to handle the patients. This way, Chris has ensured that the dentists who work for him in the medical institution are liberal-minded and they are free to make their rational decisions regarding the professional services that they need to offer the patients. As a result, MB2 Dental has grown from being a minor medical center to becoming a huge medical facility with more than 500 dentists who are located in 70 locations in the country. The services of MB2 Dental have also improved following the motivation that the employees of the medical facility possess which makes them prioritize the needs of their patients.

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Edwin Miranda: Standing Firm for His Company, but Seeking Answers

The marketing and advertising firm of Koi IXS is currently being led into great ventures by the CEO Edwin Miranda. Edwin Miranda has been CEO of Koi IXS since 1994, so it is no surprise to many that he has led the company into the wonderful business position that it is in today; however, most recently Koi IXS and CEO Edwin Miranda has been in the news for a government fiasco involving the Puerto Rico Talent Bank.

The gist of the issue is that the Puerto Rican Governor Ricardo Nevares’ vehemently stated during his election campaign that a formal process would be put into place for selecting secretaries and others that would be assisting the government. The thought was that by creating such a formal process that corruption would be curbed; however, the big debate now is that this formal process which was dubbed The Talent Bank has yet to become a reality and voters and others wish to know why. Unfortunately, Koi IXS was the company in charge of Navares’ election campaign and this has linked Edwin Miranda’s name into the controversy.

Miranda has made it very clear that it was not Koi IXS that was in charge of developing the Talent Bank platform, but rather the technology team hired by Nevares’ that was in charge of technological platforms are the ones who actually was in charge of creating the talent database. The CEO has stated that while Koi IXS is not the one that is able to answer why The Talent Bank has not become a reality, that someone needs to be giving those answers.

Dallas Note Stock Investment

NexBank is a Dallas based financial institute located on 2515 Mckinney Ave, Suite 1100. The bank originally established in 1934 and has since become one of the largest banks in the state of Texas and the United States overall.


On September 27th, 2017, slideshare published an article on their website that NexBank, announcing its completion of a $54 million private placement. This will apply to the fixed-to-floating rate subordinated notes to specific stock holders of NexBank. As of the end of 2016, NexBank Capital had raised $283 million in debt and equity.


The notes themselves are planned for full maturity on September 30th, 2027 and will be non-callable for five years. Bear interest for the notes are 6.375% for five years. Afterward, it will be based on floating rate above 458.5 points. The notes have been giving an investment grade of BBB- and qualifies as a Tier 2 capital, under certain regulations. In closing out the article, the notes are stated to not be registered under the Securities Act and can not be transacted to the US absent registration or exempt from registration requirements.


As for NexBank itself, its business is based on three principles: execution, flexibility, and expertise. Under these few pillars, NexBank focuses on supporting businesses and institutions with specific tailored-solutions to suit all of their needs.


According to recouncil.com, under NexBank’s system, there are three possible classes of banking: commercial, mortgage, and institutional services. Commercial banking offers commercial lending, real estate lending, credit services, and treasury management. Mortgage offers a client option, wholesale & correspondent lending, and warehouse lending. Lastly, institutional services offers investment banking and public funds.


NexBank has three main account types. The first being a one year account. The second is a two year account. Lastly, the third is a eighteen month account. Any one of the three standard Checking accounts can yield 1.25%. With a Savings account one can earn 0.15% interest annually while Money Market accounts can yield 100k annually.


Alastair Borthwick Intriguing Life Story

Alastair Borthwick was born on 17th February 1913 in a small town Rutherglen in Lanarkshire. He was brought up in Troon, Ayrshire before relocating to Glasgow at the age of 11. Alastair Borthwick was very determined to start earning money hence at the age of 16 he secured a job at Glasgow Evening Times. He delivered the newspaper to the customers’ homes. Alastair Borthwick determination contributed to his upgrade to the Glasgow weekly Herald that had only five staff members. He was assigned various duties to edit films, write articles and compile crossword. Alastair working at Glasgow earned him much experience and developed writing interest.

By 1935, Borthwick had earned much experience; he joined the London Daily mirror where he served for about a year. Alastair Borthwick was a leader for a press club for some time at the Empire Exhibition then joined the BBC studios where he worked for a long time.

He is well known as he possesses unique and remarkable talent; he wrote two books that have been read by many. Alastair Borthwick used a unique style of writing his books such as vivid descriptions, humor and imaginary characters that related to the culture of people. He was inspired by his life experiences, for instance, his first book Always a Little Further, Alastair Borthwick was inspired by the mountaineering activity to the Scotland Hills. This book was published in 1939 after T.S Eliot a poet insisted the book to be printed since then the book has never left the printer as its demand is very high.

Alastair wrote his second book Sans Peur that was inspired by his service to the Seaforth Battalion During the Second World War. Alastair Borthwick explains clearly how the battle looks like for the soldiers. He compares this with a journey in a lorry full of dead cows to signify the hardships soldiers go through. During the war, he was promoted to various ranks from an ordinary civilian to captain then to intelligence officer before being promoted to be the Lance. Alastair Borthwick led the battalion to attack the Germans, and his strategy was unique thus they won the war.



Grow with Equities First Holdings

Equities First Holdings is different than other lenders. They are able to approve people that have been turned down for traditional loans where their credit score will determine approval. They want to help their customers get the money they need without having to be rejected. This company uses stocks to secure the loan and they will be able to get the money they need. This company is one of the most successful lenders. They have offices located in North America, Europe, Africa, and Asia. This will allow people all over the world to better themselves and get the funds they need to grow.

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The Growth And Achievements Of Fortress Investment Group

Fortress Investment Group is not a new name when it comes to the world of investment. It has had numerous achievements over the past two decades even since it began operating. It is a highly diversified and leading firm when it comes to investment management.

Fortress has applied its experience and its specialties in the investment sector and has emerged as the best in the industry with numerous people and companies looking to them for advice in the investment sector. Other achievements Fortress Investment Group has been able to accomplish include creating a groundbreaking hedge fund that would later go public.

This was the first fund to ever go public in the New York Stock Exchange. The next achievement of this company was its purchase by SoftBank Group Corporation, a Japan-based company. SoftBank Group Corporation is a world-leading developer and financer cutting—edge technology. These are, but a few of the achievements Fortress has accomplished over the years. However, the merger between SoftBank Group and Fortress Investment made the highlights when it comes to the top accomplishments of the company. The alliance between the two parties is worth approximately $3.3 billion. It also came with numerous conditions that each party was expected to comply with.

One of the terms of condition for the merger was that Randy Nardone, Wes Edens, and Pete Bridger were to continue running Fortress Investment Group and commit at least 50% of their after-tax investment proceeds to Fortress vehicles and managed funds. Fortress Investment Group was to operate under SoftBank Group but as an independent entity, meaning that SoftBank was to maintain the business model, leadership, business culture, processes, and brand of Fortress irrespective of it operating under SoftBank. According to the Chairperson and CEO of Fortress Investment, the accomplishments and strides that this company has made speak for themselves.

These accomplishments make it easy for SoftBank to want to live up to its achievements. For SoftBank Group, merging with Fortress is an opportunity to expand its group capabilities and establish a SoftBank fund that will help accelerate its growth and drive SoftBank into sustainable long-term growth.

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Life With Ryan Seacrest

Ryan Seacrest is known for his time spent on American Idol. He has spent many seasons on the show. He has done time on Dick Clark’s New Years show, and most recently starting co-hosting Live With Kelly Ripa. Ryan Seacrest has done many things in his career including starting studios inside of children’s hospitals that allow them to get creative and get their minds off of their illnesses when they are stuck in the hospital. He has started his own clothing line, and has accomplished a few other things that have helped him to become very successful.

Recently Ryan Seacrest started a relationship with Shayna Taylor. He talked about their relationship in a recent interview saying that the two are very much in sync with each other. The two first met in 2013. In 2017 they packed up and moved from Los Angeles to New York City so that Ryan Seacrest could co-host Live With Kelly and Ryan. The couple both have a passion for health and wellness, eating healthy, and staying fit.

Moving to a new city can be difficult, but also fun. The two embraced the change because they wanted to start a new chapter in their relationship together. Ryan Seacrest is one of the busiest stars you will ever meet, and Shayna Taylor runs a very successful food and wellness blog. Even though both of them stay very busy, they are dedicated to making sure they spend time together. They just wake up earlier and stay up a little later.

Seacrest and Taylor are very happy together, and both can see far into the future with the other. They are already both very successful, and now that they have each other they consider themselves even more successful in life. Ryan Seacrest and Shayna Taylor are two stars who are dedicated to their work and to each other. They have wonderful lives to live out.

Nexbank Capital: Excellence in Financial Services

Financial management is one of the key elements to be able to have a successful business. Businesses, no matter how genius or unique the service is, will crash when the financial management is poor. Which is why it is critical for a growing business to approach and avail of the services of a credible, reliable and committed financial services company that can cater to their needs. The financial services company that an individual and a company should avail of the services of a company that will create specific and unique financial plans for their very unique needs – because every company has different models, which means every company would have very different needs. One of the best performing and most credible companies that an individual can access services of, is Nexbank Capital.



Nexbank Capital is a company that specializes in providing very specialized and personalized financial services to their clients. The Nexbank Capital has three main facets which they are exceptional on, namely: Mortgage Banking, Commercial Banking and Institutional Services. You can expect from Nexbank Capital, that their company would only provide the best financial programs that would cater to your company’s unique needs and nothing less. Nexbank Capital provides their customized financial and banking assistance to individuals, clients, companies, institutions, organizations and corporations nationwide.



Nexbank Capital punctuates on their leadership in the industry and their excellent commitment to their clients. Nexbank Capital puts their utmost importance and care to their clients – they make sure that they are loyal and committed to the client’s goals and that all actions and plans are directed towards the success of the client. Nexbank Capital is extremely careful of their clients and another goal of the company is to create strong and reliable relationships with their clients which are meant to be long-lasting and strong.



If an individual is still full of doubts, Nexbank Capital is a bank that is very transparent and you can actually view their track records, performance, numbers on sales, and any other information that you can ask about their previous work – and you can ask it from them and they’ll gladly present to you the numbers and the success of their ventures with their clients. Nexbank prides themselves into delivering flawless results to their clients every single time – in fact, they have excellent track records and numbers that date back from almost a century ago. Nexbank Capital is a regional bank that currently holds 8 billion dollars in asset value.



Currently, they are now ranked sixth in the ROE Bank rankings, they are the best performing bank in the first quarter of 2018 in the division of 1 – 10 billion dollars in assets. They are ranked first in ROAA Subchapter S Bank and first in ROAE Subchapter S Bank. They had a recognition of the Superior Bank Quality Rating from the first quarter of 2018 awarded by the IDC Financial Publishing Inc. And they ranked second in the Residential Real Estate Lender in the second quarter of 2016 by the Bank Director Magazine.