Lincolnshire Management Exits Holley Performance Products

Lincolnshire Management has held quite a few investments over the past few years. Perhaps one of the most notable of these has been Holley Performance Products. Holley was founded in 1903 and has since gone on to become a leader in the automotive performance product market. Lincolnshire Management invested in the company in 2013, noting that it was quite a significant investment opportunity. Now, the private equity firm has announced that it has sold its interest in the company to an affiliate of Sentinel Capital Partners. It was also announced that Holley Performance Products would be merged with Driven Performance Brands. Other transaction terms haven’t been released.

T.J. Maloney, Chairman, and CEO of Lincolnshire Management, noted the product portfolio that Holley Performance Products had access to. This included the likes of Hays, Mallory, Earls, Quick Fuel Technologies and DiabloSport, among much more. This was of a significant interest to Lincolnshire Management. Also of note was the automotive performance company’s management team. Since partnering with the company, Lincolnshire Management was able to triple revenues and quadruple earnings over five years. This was something that Ben Bartlett, a Principal at Lincolnshire Management noted invested a considerable success for both companies.

Lincolnshire Management also noted that Holley Performance Products had developed quite a considerable reputation over the past century. Throughout this time, it cultivated a strong relationship with customers across the industry. This was something that Lincolnshire Management was able to capitalize on. Bartlett also noted that Holley Performance Products has been able to successfully navigate a variety of different challenges and evolving customer preferences during that time.

President and CEO of Holley Performance Products Tom Tomlinson noted that Lincolnshire Management had a considerable impact on the company in the past five years. One of the most notable of these has been that it increased investment in new product development and pursued an aggressive acquisition strategy during that time. He also noted that Lincolnshire Management brought a considerable amount of knowledge to the industry. Lincolnshire Management also helped Holley Performance Products to successfully navigate a range of different challenges during their investment period. This was something Tomlinson noted when Lincolnshire Management divested from the company.

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The Accomplishments and Impacts of Fountain House in Mental Health

Jeremy Goldstein is an attorney at Law. He studied at the University of Cornell and earned a B.A cum laude with a distinction in all subjects. He further enrolled at the Chicago University and obtained an M.A. Finally, he attended and acquired a J.D from the New York University School of Law. The successful lawyer is a founding partner at Jeremy Goldstein & Associates. He previously worked at a large law firm based in New York as an executive partner.


Jeremy Goldstein & Associates is a law firm that is committed to providing advice to management teams, compensation committees, CEOs, and companies in corporate federal and executive compensation matters. The corporation is specifically dedicated to sensitive and transformative corporate situations.


In his past career endeavors, the lawyer served in various extensive corporate transactions. This includes obtaining Goodrich by United Technologies, Sanofi-Aventis, Duke Energy, the Dow Chemical firm, and Kinder Morgan among others. The New York attorney is the chair at the American Bar Association of the Mergers and Acquisitions subcommittee, Executive Compensation committee.


Jeremy Goldstein will be hosting a long-awaited wine dinner on May 21, 2019. This exciting fundraiser is aimed at helping people with mental illness. It will be held in honor of Jim Finkel. The location for the charity event is set for Nomad Hotel Roofdeck. The funds will be offered to the Fountain House organization.


Fountain House is renowned to have formed a support group called ‘We Are Not Alone’ in 1944. Mental illness has been a huge menace, even in the modern era. There is also a stigma associated with it. The group has expanded over the years. In 1948, this group bought a building in New York City. The name ‘Fountain House’ was adopted due to the fountain in the garden within the entity. The group offered work opportunities and affordable accommodation for individuals with mental problems.


The charity group is committed to the provision of learning, living, and working opportunities for mentally ill people. They also join with the community to support and develop talents. Some of the activities at Fountain House includes developing innovative programs for quick recovery through research. They also improve practices and perceptions by creating awareness about the mental issue. Lastly, they collaborate with the global and local community to educate and inspire international organizations.


The foundation of Fountain House is community involvement. Its model of operation includes simple activities like finding new friends, being proud of the achievements, learning new skills, increasing confidence levels, boosting one’s self-esteem, and acquiring employment and educational goals.


The philanthropic organization has also garnered numerous prestigious accolades. This includes the Conrad N. Hilton Humanitarian award in 2014. The group has inspired other organizations through its replication on a global and national scale. It has made a reputable impact in the health industry.


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Miami Based Law Firm Named Top Legal Practice

In a recent announcement, the organization has named the law firm Kluger Kaplan as the best law firm for the second year in a row. Kluger Kaplan is a law firm that specializes in a number of legal areas such as entertainment, family law, commercial litigation and real estate law. This firm is based in Miami and often provides assistance to a number of real estate professionals in the city and surrounding metro area.

Kluger Kaplan has a group of lawyers who have been recognized for their professionalism, dedication and legal expertise. Each of the lawyers specializes in a particular area of law and is therefore in position to provide the best assistance available to clients. One lawyer who is among the most notable is Bruce Katzen who has provided legal assistance for clients looking to settle legal matters pertaining to Securities and Capital Markets. Another lawyer who has been recognized as a top practitioner is Kluger who has been recognized as a top family lawyer as well as representing clients in banking and finance litigation. Some other lawyers such as Steve Silverman, have also been recognized for their top performance in other areas of law which include litigation.

Todd Levine is the founder of this law firm. He is a lawyer who represents clients in cases concerning disputes in real estate law. Over the course of his career, Todd Levine has helped many clients such as real estate brokers, property owners, investors and contractors. Levine has helped them resolve disputes on a consistent basis. Part of Levine’s success as a lawyer has been his interest in art, science and music. He has used his knowledge of these subjects to help develop analytical skills and devise strategies to help his clients successfully resolve any legal dispute that they are currently dealing with.

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Nitin Khanna’s Research on The Benefits of Cannabis Components

Recent studies have shown that CBD oil has beneficial effects for individuals with epilepsy, chronic pain and skin conditions. Under current testing, is the effects CBD has on psychological disorders like anxiety and PTSD. Although it has not been determined to be medically beneficial, they are in the testing process of the effects it does have. Nitin Khanna is the CEO of Merger Tech, which is an industry that’s main focus is to find the true benefits to cannabis and all of its components like CBD oil. Nitin Khanna has become extremely focused on what this plants has to offer and makes sure that doctors have all the tools necessary to see if it can be helpful to their patients.

At this point in time, there are 104 known cannabinoids with the cannabis plant. The two most familiar being TCH and CBD. As TCH is known for its psychotropic effects, CBD oil only gives a user health benefits such as pain relief and minimal seizures for those with a seizure disorder. Although cannabis advocates and users enjoy the THC effects, medical researches are becoming very interested in what the other 103 components in the plant has to offer. At the moment their main focus is to use components like CBD to help with seizure disorders and even acne.

With all the recorded information at Nitin Khanna’s office, his main goal is to help patients receive the best possible care and treatments without the stigma of the government standing in the way of his progress. In 2014, Nitin  Khanna started investing in the research of Cannabis and has not taken a break from his research on the plant. Where is main thoughts are the old school ways and treatment of cannabis, his views on the plant are nothing but extraordinary and old-fashioned which what the world of cannabis needs.

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Charter School Rocketship Education Raises Concerns Over NPR Article

A response by NPR for what many are calling a hit piece on the reputation of charter school Rocketship education has been non-existent. Staff and supporters of the charter school demanded an answer from NPR, and the article’s author Anya Kamenetz for various discrepancies in the article titled “High Test Scores-But At What Cost?” In the piece, Mrs.Kamenetz comments on the high-pressure classrooms, strict bathroom rules and the number of unsatisfied parents. Many supporters of Rocketship Education point out that Mrs.Kamenetz did not fully immerse herself in the classroom nor bothered to see the bigger picture of current challenges. As one administrator put it, “much like Obamacare, the piece is deep but narrow.”

Rocketship Education is based out of the San Jose Bay Area with an additional three locations across the country. Although Rocketship Education is very similar to other charter schools, Rocketship has been able to stand out of the crown through the use of technology in the classroom. The goal of Rocketship education is to close the achievement gap between students in wealthier areas of the community and students who are less fortunate. The school was founded in 2006 and since then has been able to reach and education over 18,000 students.

Another area that supporters of the school did not take quite well is the use of the word “company” within the NPR article. The word company to those not familiar with Rocketship Education can come across as if they are in it for a profit when in fact half of their funding is provided by the taxpayer and any additional funding is collected from private donors. Mrs.Kamenetz defended herself on Twitter by saying that she is proud of her work and the comments giving to her were from an interview between a satisfied parent and an angry parent. Supporters are still attempting to theorize why the article was written the way it was, was it mean as an anti-reform zeitgeist or merely to create controversy and therefore exposure, we may never know.

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The Multilevel Marketing of Vjay Eswaran

The Malaysian businessman, Vijay Eswaran, is the Executive Chairman of the Hong Kong-based Qi Group. He is the son of Pushpavathy Chinnaiah, the teacher of Vijayaratnam Saravanamuthu who founded of the Malaysian Hindu Youth Organization. After high school, he moved to London for his college education, which he completely funded while working as a taxi driver. In 1984 he graduated from the London School of Economics with a degree in Socioeconomics.

After graduation, he spent some time traveling in Europe, during which he spent an entire month in a Franciscan monastery under a vow of silence. In 1985 he returned to London to get an education in binary systems marketing and to earn a professional qualification from the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants. In 1986 he moved to the U.S. during which time he both earned an MBA from the Southern Illinois University and entered the world of multilevel marketing for the first time.

He eventually moved back home to Malaysia. Shortly after returning there a business named Cosway Group approached him about starting an affiliate company for them. This business, which Eswaran started in 1998, was Qi Group and would become much more successful than anticipated. Today, while it is headquartered in Hong Kong, Qi Group maintains offices in Singapore, Thailand, and Malaysia and has subsidiary companies in 10 countries.

In 2017 Eswaran partnered with Green Venture Capital to develop QI City, a massive $1.2 billion commercial and residential project. It is scheduled to be completed in 2020. Besides his amazing business leadership, he is also a very respected philanthropist. In fact, in 2018 Forbes listed him as one of the Top 50 philanthropists in Asia.

Eswaran is also a published author of several books: In the Thinking Zone (2010), 18 Stepping Stones (2011), On the Wings of Thought (2011), and Two Minutes from the Abyss (2016).

Kisling, Nestico & Redick’s Unique Ways of Handling Personal Injury Cases

People find themselves suffering from injuries that come about in different ways. Some injuries occur through accidents, fights, bites, and falls to name but a few. However, injuries from accidents might result in death or serious complications. In many occasions, these cases end up in court because the victims seek compensation. However, the victims often lose court battles if they don’t find the services of professional attorneys.

In Ohio, USA, personal injury victims are lucky to have professional law firms for representing them in such scenarios. Kisling, Nestico & Redick is a law company that represents Ohio community in various personal injury cases. The company has made a name of itself because of successfully handling such cases.

At times, the personal injury victims find themselves in court with the insurance companies as the defendants. The insurance companies have top-rated law companies as their representatives. However, Kisling, Nestico & Redick stand in the gap as far as the representation of the victims is concerned.

Kisling, Nestico & Redick consists of attorneys that have expertise in the insurance industry. They know how the insurance companies manipulate the cases in their favor thus helping the victims in a significant way. Other Ohio victims suffer injuries from dog bites that deserve compensation. The law company understands the procedures of handling dog bite cases in Ohio and has an excellent record of accomplishment.

Robert Redick, Gary Kisling, and Rob Nestico joined hands to start the company fourteen years ago. The company has developed from a brick-and-mortar business to a company operating in eleven locations in Ohio. Besides, the lead attorneys like Gary Kisling have unmatched expertise of many years in the bar that motivates the junior staff.

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Papa Johns Difficult Times Nearing the End with Steve Ritchie at the Helm

Papa John’s has faced rocky times over the past few years but you can tell from the actions of the company’s new CEO, Steve Ritchie, there is light at the end of the tunnel. The pizza giant needed a decisive move by the top management to salvage the situation. As one his actions, Steve Ritchie released a letter to customers to the effect that the utterances that tinted the image of the company were regrettable and they don’t represent the values and views of the pizza giant. For the 22 years the senior executive member has been at the company, it is the hardest thing he has ever dealt with.

According to the letter, racism and insensitive language has no room in the company. Papa John’s is a huge company with over 120,000 corporate and franchise team members. The people are part of the community of customers they serve. They are always striving to provide customers with better pizza and pizza service. The owners do great things in the community and therefore, the company is greater than any individual.

Steve Ritchie also said in the letter that the customers deserved not just words, but also actions. He outlined what actions the company would take to rectify its practices. Outside experts would be brought on board to audit their company’s culture, diversity as well as inclusion practices to allow the management to identify their strengths as well as weaknesses. Then, they would be able to set more clear goals. Additionally, senior management team of the company would go across its locations and listen to franchisees and employees and get their feedback on the best path to move forward. Throughout the process of trying to earn the trust of their customers back, they will be transparent to allow their customers to hold them accountable.

Steve Ritchie also committed to lead the efforts personally saying that it is the company’s priority. They are working to regain the customers’ trust because they understand they are only in business because of them. This letter was a follow up for another letter which was not well-received. This letter was direct to the point and sincere.


Dan Bethelmy-Rada launches new R.A.W products that are all natural

Today’s consumers are highly concerned about the products they use; they want to know where the product was made, how it was made, and the ingredients used in product development. As such, people are increasingly more attracted to natural products because of their benefits to the body and the environment.

According to the global brand president of Matrix/ Biolage consumers want products that are 100 percent natural. Matrix/ Biolage is a company that specializes in making professional hair care products for the US market. The consumers also prefer the product to be sustainable and have a low impact on the environment.

After looking at the consumer demands, Matrix came up with a new product R.A.W. The products were developed in conjunction with L’Oréal’s Sharing Beauty. According to Dan Bethelmy-Rada, Matrix wanted to make a wide range of products that have genuinely outstanding environmental credentials in formulation, manufacturing, and packaging.

The formula used to make this new range of products uses few natural, effective, and biodegradable inputs. The formula has zero silicone and no traces of sulfates or parabens. The R.A.W products have been manufactured in accordance with the principles of green chemistry. During the manufacturing process, all stages were scrutinized to ensure that only enough resources were dedicated to production in order to eliminate wastage.

Most of the ingredients used in R.A.W products come from plants, seaweed minerals, fungi, and honey. The packaging design has been designed to minimize environmental impact; the package container is built with 100 percent recycled plastic.

Dan Bethelmy-Rada is the current global brand president for Matrix and Biolage. Before becoming the global brand president, Dan Bethelmy-Rada was the youngest general manager at Matrix DMI for L’Oreal. Dan graduated from Sorbonne with a degree in international business. He later earned his MBA from ESSEC in France. Dan’s passions include traveling and taking photos. He is also a self-proclaimed digital geek.

Sergey Petrossov, a Skillful Entrepreneur

Sergey Petrossov was born in Russia-born entrepreneur and businessman. Earlier in his life, his family relocated to the US, taking him along. At first, Sergey lived in Colorado and then California. Later on, he settled in Florida. While in Florida, Sergey attended Florida University, where he attained a degree in finance.

While at the university, Petrossov was introduced to computer sciences and technology. The development laid the basis of his career in technology. Upon graduating, he co-founded two IT projects; a distances learning platform for Russian –speaking education institution, and an online chat system for website customers.

Petrossov is also an experienced business executive. He has served as a board advisor for a private jet company that offered on-demand charter services. His experience at the company as a board advisor paved the way for his venture in the flight services. During one of his private flights, he noticed a gap in the way the traditional brick-and-mortar approach to booking charter flights was inconvenient. He was convinced that technology could be used to solve this problem.

Armed with his computer skills from the university, Sergey Petrossov started the process of creating an app that was going to solve this problem. His key idea was to connect flyers with the jet operators. The idea became operational in mid-2012, leading to the birth of JetSmarter.

With additional funds and working with his team of skillful technology, advisory, and management teams, Sergey hit the ground running. Most of the experts in his team are credited with successful projects executions for more than 40 years. They have worked with leading technology companies like Mercedes Benz, Nokia, Microsoft, and uber.

Petrossov officially launched the JetSmarter app to the public in early 2013. With his superior business acumen and entrepreneur skills at the helm of JetSmarter, Sergey Petrossov was headed to great success. Following his impressive success with JetSmarter, Sergey has been severally recognized. As the Founder and the Chief Executive Officer, he won Forbes’ 30 Under 30 in Consumer Technology Award.

Currently, JetSmarter app is connecting millions of travelers across the world, and Petrossov is more focused on creating more customer satisfaction through making traveling easy, convenient and fun. With his team, Sergey Petrossov seeks to grow the market base through word of mouth and referrals from satisfied users for the services.